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Taylor Rafferty, the largest and longest established independent cross-border capital markets consulting and investor relations firm, has joined forces with ingage, the leading corporate access and IR software solutions provider. The two firms will offer seamless cross-border IR support to managements, IROs, institutional investors and asset owners, providing efficient and effective corporate-investor communications and collaboration through ingage’s software and solutions.

Michael Hufton, ingage Founder and Managing Director commented: “The trend towards direct corporate access unleashed by MiFID II is quickly globalizing among both institutional investors and quoted corporates. Ingage’s approach has always been to combine state-of-the-art software with first class client service. Combining our capabilities in software and in European capital markets with Taylor Rafferty’s unparalleled experience in North American capital markets enables us to offer our clients best-in-class solutions.  Brian and his team’s long track record of client success combined with a clear alignment to ingage’s philosophy and operating principles make this collaboration possible.”

“Taylor Rafferty’s excellence in client service is built on decades of successfully helping management achieve their capital markets and IR goals. Since the early days of US investment in non-US securities through the rise and fall of the conflicted corporate access models, we have remained committed to represent client interests first and foremost, with transparency and without conflict,” said Taylor Rafferty Founder and Chief Executive Brian Rafferty. “I met Michael four years ago shortly after ingage was launched, and was immediately enthusiastic about his plans for ingage’s software and solutions to improve management and IRO interactions with their institutional investor marketplace and IR CRM. Now ingage and Taylor Rafferty can provide capabilities to clients that they cannot find anywhere else.”  


Corporates based outside the US have huge opportunities to attract high quality institutional investors onto their registers.  Post MiFID II, available resource is under increasing pressure. Taylor Rafferty and ingage will work together to help clients seize those opportunities, efficiently and effectively connecting managements and IROs with hundreds of high quality but often undiscovered institutional investors. Likewise, institutional investors and asset owners are increasingly looking to internalize a direct corporate access capability. The ingage platform helps them do this easily and efficiently, with automatic regulatory standard record keeping and reporting built in.   

ingage: Michael Hufton 

+44 (0) 20 7118 2288

Taylor Rafferty: Brian Rafferty
+1 212 889 4350

About Taylor Rafferty

Taylor Rafferty is the world's leading global investor relations firm. For over 35 years, we have enabled our clients to achieve their capital markets goals by delivering a full range of advisory and operational support in the world's major capital markets. Taylor Rafferty's service teams blend decades of capital markets expertise, incisive IR program implementation experience and insightful research and analysis to give our clients a clear advantage in the competition for capital. Taylor Rafferty is headquartered in New York City. Please contact (212) 889-4350 for more information. 

About ingage

ingage is the industry leading investor relations CRM and corporate access software platform which enables quoted corporates and institutional investors to connect directly, easily and efficiently. Founded in 2013, ingage was built by investment and software specialists to provide state-of-the-art solutions for corporate access and IR CRM, specifically designed to manage regulatory change.  Headquartered in London, the ingage platform operates globally. 


For more information on ingage, please visit 

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