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Investor Relations Services in Hong Kong


Looking for quality investors outside of the Hong Kong Area? Taylor Rafferty is the world’s leader in assisting Hong Kong-based companies grow their US share register.

The world’s most accomplished IR firm, specializing in achieving Asian company’s US investor relations and capital markets communications goals. Our Hong Kong-based clients grow their investor base faster and more efficiently than their peers.

We work as an extension of our client's IR teams, and the outcomes we deliver to them include: 

  • New, quality institutional investors 

  • Less share price volatility and improved valuation versus peers

  • Avoiding market missteps by providing expert, unconflicted advice and market feedback

  • Measurably greater impact and return on management’s IR time investment

  • Compelling IR and Capital Markets Day presentations, combining decades of direct market interactions and recent advances in behavioral science ​


Our services include:

  • Capital Marketing Consulting: We advise and advance our client’s interests from an independent and unconflicted perspective, informed by daily direct interactions with the buy- and sell-side.


  • IR Program Execution:  We ensure best use of management time and minimize the chances of unprepared and unengaged investor-management meetings.


  • Research & Analysis: We craft perception studies and market reports focused on client priorities, for audiences ranging from independent board members, to C-suite, to IROs looking for insights missing from their day-to-day investor interactions.

Contact us today at +1 (212) 889-4350 to learn of our success helping Hong Kong-based companies attract quality investors.

Hong Kong is a special administrative region on the eastern side of the Pearl River estuary in Southern China. Hong Kong contains over 7.4 million people of all different nationalities, and is a significant trading center and commercial port.

Hong Kong Resources:

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