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Analytical Institutional Marketing (AIM) Program Increases Issuer/Investor Engagement by Over 35%


December 7, 2015 

Taylor Rafferty, the world’s leading independent cross border investor relations firm, has launched its new brand, along with a suite of Best Practice IR services to provide investor relations teams with new tools to help win the competition for capital.

"Helping our clients seize capital markets opportunities through IR is the way we define Best Practice Investor Relations. Our new logo symbolizes the way we work as an extension of our clients’ IR teams and programs, advancing together towards measurable capital markets goals," said Taylor Rafferty founder and CEO Brian Rafferty.


For the past 20 years, fundamental changes in the tools available to corporates – "free IR" from corporate access and the commoditization of targeting data – have lulled the IR profession into a false sense of complacency regarding the most effective and efficient approaches to add economic value through IR. The vast majority of public companies do not communicate with over 35% of their potential institutional investors, and are using time and resources inefficiently as the intensity of IR activity is substituted for achieving clear, ambitious capital markets goals. Our new suite of services provide cost effective, efficient tools to allow them to advance Best Practice programs.

Developed, refined and proven based on multi-year collaborations with its world-class clients, Taylor Rafferty is making available its three most effective tools on a project basis. "Our objective remains to work alongside retainer clients as they build capital markets value through IR programming, but an increasing number of companies are approaching us to provide specific support to both better identify the scope of the opportunities they are missing, and for an intensive analysis and re-crafting of their investment narrative," said Taylor Rafferty Managing Director Dana Diver.

Analytical Institutional Marketing Program (AIM)

With an average increase of over 35% in confirmed portfolio manager interest, TR’s AIM Program identifies and confirms interest in a company’s stock among institutions missed in sell-side or IR team institutional contact efforts. The program also overhauls the client’s existing contact list, removing/replacing contacts that have changed jobs and or industry coverage.

Behavioral IR℠

IR and financial communications remain decades behind other mission critical professional marketing disciplines in terms of utilizing recent advances in neuroscience and understanding human cognition. Science has provided straightforward, common sense ways to review investor motivations to significantly improve the effectiveness and efficiency of corporate/investor communications. Taylor Rafferty applies the most relevant and powerful of these academic and scientific principles – extracted from behavioral economics and its offshoot behavioral finance – to supercharge client IR messaging and prioritize the channels used for its delivery to the most prospective investors.

Integrated Institutional Prioritization Program

Identifying "targets" is relatively unhelpful in relation to directly confirming interest with Portfolio Managers and Analysts. Corporates on average are not in contact with ca. 35% of potential institutional investors in the shares, while IRO’s and senior management are maxed-out in terms of face to face meeting time. TR’s Integrated Institutional Prioritization Program develops a plan to contact a client’s complete institutional investor marketplace and specifies the most efficient channels and tools to maintain them as active followers and investors. This includes best practice, low-cost approaches that do not require additional management team time for face to face meetings.

About Taylor Rafferty

With offices in New York and London, Taylor Rafferty is the world's leading global investor relations firm. For over 30 years, we have enabled our clients to achieve their capital markets goals by delivering a full range of advisory and operational support in the world's major capital markets. Taylor Rafferty's service teams blend decades of financial markets and communications expertise, incisive IR program implementation experience and insightful research and analysis to give our clients a meaningful advantage in the competition for capital. For more information on Taylor Rafferty, please visit

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